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The real estate industry standard has typically been a 3% selling office commission. Recently some companies started offering 1% commission to list a home. For my clients, I offer a flat $3k listing fee no matter what the size of home or what the sale price is. I offer the same great full service to all my clients.

  • Professional photography
  • Marketing Materials
  • NWMLS & Zillow listing
  • Staging Consultation

If your home has a gorgeous view or is waterfront property I will most likely suggest obtaining drone aerials or videography. These services would be an additional charge.

Below is a breakdown of what it costs to sell and what net proceeds would look like on a sale. Feel free to contact me to help you with the specific calculations on your specific home.


Net proceeds calculation-approximate


Sale price of home                                                                                      $575,000

-1.87% Excise tax (standard)                                                                             -$10,752.50

-1% Title & Escrow closing costs (standard/approximate)                        -$5,750

-3% Buyers agent commission (standard)                                                     -$17,250

-3k Listing agent commission (1-3% standard)                                            -$3,000

TOTAL IN FEES                                                                                           $36,752.50

-Mortgage payoff amount (variable/example)                                              -$400,000

=Sale proceeds (variable/example of cash in your pocket)       =$138,247.50                                                                                                                                                                            


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